5 Resources for Aspiring Marketers

strategy Posted on Apr 06, 2015

In a world where the next big thing changes daily, and anything over 140 characters is too long it’s harder than ever to keep up with the latest trends in marketing. At XenoPsi, we pride ourselves on knowing what’s happening right now, and we think you should too. Below we’ve put together a few of our favorite marketing resources for your use.

  1. Slideshare
    Slideshare is a great resource for drawing inspiration from other thought leaders. Browse the homepage on your downtime or use the search function if you’re looking for something specific. If you tend to gravitate towards the same individual’s findings again and again you can even subscribe to their updates.

  2. The Moz Blog
    The Moz Blog covers everything you ever needed to know about SEO. This blog is great for newbies trying to learn the basics because it breaks everything down into simple, understandable steps. Use it as a baseline for your SEO knowledge.

  3. Adobe Digital Marketing Blog
    This is an awesome resource for analytics. It covers everything from conversion rates and targeting to mobile best practices and measures of success. Bookmark this one to if you want to dig deep into the latest trends in marketing.

  4. Youth Nation
    This book is a must read for every marketer trying to understand millennials. When marketing to digital natives who grew up in a world with a second and third screen you need to approach things differently. This book covers the evolution of marketing through the development of digital and social media.

  5. What Great Brands Do
    Nike. Apple. Zappos. How did these household names get where they are today? What was their strategy and how did it develop over time? Get insight into the creation and evolution of the biggest and the best here.