5 Rules to Remember When Creating Content

Posted on Mar 02, 2015

We braved the cold weather, the long lines, and an elevator with its own Twitter handle to attend Social Media Week NYC. All week people were buzzing about the end of Facebook organic reach, SnapChat influencers, and finding their Oreo moments.

What stood out to us was discussion about creating content that consumers actually want to consume. Check out some of Social Media Week’s most quotable moments:

1. “At one point, vanilla was OK. Now flat is failure.”Matt Bruhn, The New Reality of the Changing Marketing Landscape

Our take: What’s the point of creating content that’s not high quality and engaging? The landscape is overcrowded and anything that doesn’t pop will be overlooked.

2. “Consumers have a T-shaped attention span. There's not a linear journey to consume content." – Jonathan Hall, The New Reality of the Changing Marketing Landscape.

Our take: Consumers now control how and when they interact with your content. XenoPsi strives to identify moments when consumers want to explore deeper and create meaningful experiences with them.

3. “Embrace the social norms of the network.”Marcus Collins, Network of Influence

Our take: XenoPsi believes if you want to connect with consumers organically you must tap into their behaviors and rituals.

4. “You need a litmus test for brands jumping on social trends.” – Joey Maestas, You Won, Now What?

Our take: Remember, not every brand is ready for "bae.” XenoPsi helps brands navigate through trends on social media and is nimble enough to activate on brand-right opportunities.

5. “Social media is about individuals.”Matt Britton, Is Social Media Just Media? The Future of Paid, Earned, and Content

Our take: At its core our job is still about connecting brands and people. Remember, you’re having a conversation.