This Month in Marketing: February

strategy Posted on Feb 18, 2015

XenoPsi’s thinking and strategy is the engine behind our work. One of the core values XenoPsi strives to uphold is constant improvement. We should always be doing better than we did before. We are constantly looking to identify innovations and consider their place in our strategies. Some of the recent digital innovations we are most excited about include:

  • Pinterest Advertising
    According to an article from, Pinterest as a growing social channelhas a variety of benefits to brands, including providinglongevity to content and strong referral traffic.

    Previously unavailable to brands as an advertising platform, we will now be able to reach consumers where they are already showing an increasing amount of time spent. According to a December AdAge article, the number of active users grew 111% in the preceding 6 months! The platform claims that brand advertisers achieved a 30% bump in earned media from their campaigns.

    XenoPsi’s Take: We believe the key to success with advertising on Pinterest will be producing “Pin-Worthy” branded content akin to what users are already pinning.

  • Targeting Through Physical Beacons
    Beaconsallow marketers to reach consumers when they are physically able to take action with a brand. The most obvious example of this technology in action is the ability to reach customers on mobile devices when they are visiting a physical retail location, and therefore, likely to make a purchase. Facebook has recently begun testing the tool.

    One major advantage, according to Mobile Marketer, would be the added ability to target and personalize the mobile marketing experience. For example, by offering a discount to a store visitor, marketers can more accurately and more immediately influence the decision to purchase.

    XenoPsi’s Take: We think this will allow brands to stay top of mind as shoppers consider their options.

  • Native Video Content
    Platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all improving their native video content display – which in turn will allow brands to keep their advertising in front of audience for longer stretches of time.

    In fact, Instagram’s videos can now loop endlessly- allowing advertisers to tell stories in a unique way and to continuously show their contentwithout requiring the viewer to click a button to see the content played. AdWeek wrote a great article discussing recently launched campaigns that are using this technology here. Other social channels are also taking now. Twitter’s recent set of improvements make it simple for users to upload, share, and easily watch videos from others without leaving the platform.

    XenoPsi’s Take: This shift towards video is a great play for brands to increase user engagement and time spent with our messaging.