Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Sep 05, 2018

Facebook Shuffles the Advertising Deck

With a string of changes to the newsfeed and related advertising concerns over the last year, we know there’s been a lot of uncertainty about how to optimize marketing activity on Facebook. While we’ve had a lot of in-house discussions about the changes, the Social team has appreciated recent insight coming from the company itself, which seems to be de-emphasizing brand advertising on the newsfeed, while pointing those dollars toward Instagram instead.

Though we think there are still plenty of brand opportunities in the feed, we agree with the emerging consensus that many brands haven’t been finding enough return to justify sustained spending levels, especially when Instagram is making such a strong play for brand marketing in its own feed.

With performance-based activity still pulling in great numbers in the feed, we’ll hold off on a definitive verdict about what spend should go where, but will continue monitoring these changes as they solidify. For now, our takeaway is that this likely amounts to a simple shuffle of buying priorities across related channels—the actual number of total eyes available for ad engagement remains as promising as ever.

Ben & Jerry’s Points the Way

Supporting our belief that the Instagram/Facebook partnership remains crucial territory for marketing, Ben & Jerry’s has been burning up the feeds across every platform over the last year. With a top-10 ranking from Gartner’s latest Digital IQ Index, the beloved ice cream brand is reaping the rewards for embracing multi-channel engagement.

Thanks to the aggressive pursuit of its digital audience wherever they live, the brand has pulled in eye-popping numbers—including 6 million views for a single video on Facebook, and Instagram engagement rates that are nearly three times higher than the average for post response metrics.

Though Ben & Jerry’s has left its growing pains in the distant past, it still tends to operate as a scrappy start-up, and we think this omnichannel strategy is a perfect example for smaller brands trying to create their own spaces for similar wins.

A Fortune Worth Paying For

The Creative team had a lot of fun parsing the ramifications of recent news that fortune cookies are about to become pay-per-chomp. Yes, after decades of ad-free space on the reverse side of cookie fortunes, advertising company Open Fortune has released its first wave of paper slips featuring Capital One blurbs pitched at satisfied take-out lovers.

Our own office is split in the great debate about how sacred those fortunes should really be when it comes to advertising, but you can bet we’ll be tracking results to see how the audience responds to this new distribution channel.

Bacardi Hits the Airwaves

And finally, the Media team gives a big thumb’s up to Bacardi, as the beverage brand nailed its latest recording industry partnership, “Music Liberates Music.”
Tapping into digital momentum with SoundCloud and Major Lazer, the brand will have prominent placement throughout an extended process to find compelling new recording artists on the streaming airwaves, then submit finalists to users for an Idol-style voting campaign leading to a music video release.

Whatever the contest results, we’re sure the engagement-heavy action plan and tight integration with prime demographic music audiences will be a guaranteed win for the brand.