Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Sep 10, 2018

Is Facebook Losing Its Next Generation?

The biggest story for social marketers in recent weeks has been the latest Pew report that revealed nearly half of users 18-29 said they’ve deleted the Facebook app during the last year.

After in-house discussions, we agree that this isn’t a great metric signpost for the platform. Notably, it seems pretty clear that Facebook has done a poor job of reassuring its key demographics after a string of controversies related to user privacy and general content reliability. One way or another, it’s clear that the company needs to prove itself afresh to younger users.

Still, the Media and Social teams agree that the takeaway for marketers is that young audiences have shifted their favorite haunts, not disappeared. For one, it’s unknown how closely the app deletion statistics match with usage patterns. Plenty of those users may have re-installed in the months since reporting, and nearly 80 percent of Millennials and Generation Z still say they use Facebook regularly.

Notably, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube continue to dominate young demographics, with 94 percent of users under 30 saying they frequently use YouTube alone!

We’ll be following this story closely, but view it—for now—as a simple social avenue realignment for youth-oriented brands.

Bacardi Makes Things Personal

The Social team gives a big thumb’s up to Bacardi’s entry in the personalization travel craze that’s taken over 2018.

With its new personalization stations—currently on trial at Frankfurt Airport before going global—customers can print their name or a short message on their own customized label for a bottle of Bacardi’s Carte Blanca.

The label printer is matched with a fully branded product display, making for a perfect pitch to thirsty travelers trying to find the duty-free shop.

A Cluck Too Far?

Office opinions are decidedly split when it comes to KFC’s latest marketing stunt, but there’s no doubt the fried chicken brand is making a name for itself in the headlines!

With its Baby Harland contest, the restaurant company has promised an $11,000 reward for the first baby named Harland born on September 9, the Colonel’s own birthday. With the deadline come and gone, the company has yet to announce the winner, but we look forward to seeing the cute baby photos!

Still, it’s unlikely even those adorable snaps will do much to reverse some of the skeptical takes bouncing around the media, so we expect the brand to dial back the “creepy factor” for its next viral effort.

Michelob Visits the Caddyshack

And finally, a look at a less controversial branding event from the Accounts team, whose response to Michelob’s comedy-inspired golf gear is unanimous: That’s a peach, hon!

Though the brewer didn’t go the full crossover route with branding, there’s no doubt which Hollywood title they’re hoping to get a boost from with their custom-fit golf bag fully kitted out with brews on tap. Designed in partnership with PGA star Brooks Koepka, the bag has made a big splash in the social sphere as users join the #UltraCaddieContest to demonstrate how they’d #LiveUltra with the gear.