Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Nov 01, 2018

Breaking Down the Millennial TV Gap

This week the office has been chatting about attention-grabbing video content, so we loved this reminder that the “youth gap” for TV viewership isn’t what it may seem at first glance.

Though millennials have been blamed for “killing” everything from diamonds to napkins over the last 10 years, charges of TV-icide never quite stuck, no doubt because the networks have always been aware of the heavy youth activity in their digital distribution channels. Now that post-boomer generations are maturing, the full numbers are in and they’re definitive: the prime demo still loves TV, but they love watching it online even more.

With more than 70 percent of millennials and X’ers subscribing to at least one streaming platform, we’re not shocked by viewership stats like Law and Order’s, whose TV audience averages 61 years old, while its online audience averages out at 33.

We’re especially excited by announcements like MTV’s plan to relaunch “Real World” exclusively on Facebook. We look forward to exploring all the new leverage opportunities as traditional TV continues its merger with our preferred digital delivery avenues.

YouTube Conquers the Jumbotron

Fitting for our crossover-heavy future, this is the second year YouTube took over stadium screens to “Present” the World Series. Though the digital provider reprised its traditionally branded ads sprinkled throughout the broadcast, we especially enjoyed its deployment of two AR spots that seamlessly directed the audience toward YouTube with a video “projected” into the home plate bleachers.

The Beverage for a Driverless Future?

And finally, a reminder that television isn’t the only industry in love with a good crossover, as Elon Musk teased plans to make his mark with “Teslaquila.” Once Twitter joke, now fully patent pending, the full agave Tequila is probably unlikely to become more than a gift bag gimmick, but in today’s celebrity-driven beverage world you never know!