Our Take: This Week in the News

Posted on Jul 02, 2018

Proud Beverages for Pride Week

The creative team has been loving all the Pride advertising over the last couple months, especially this limited edition re-design from Brighton Gin that has “wow” plastered over every inch. The key to effective LGBTQ campaigns has always been delivering authentic messages, and these color-oriented power statements are right in the strike zone.
We’re especially glad to see that RuPaul’s Drag Race has made 2018 the year of neon, since our own Three Bettys of drag campaign for Deep Eddy Vodka is laying out the red carpet for ‘50s-meets-dive-bar queens!

A Prime Pterodactyl?

In a stunt sure to leave a dino-sized impact, we’ve been loving Amazon’s triple goal-scoring “dino box” campaign pitching Amazon Prime, the Jeep Rubicon, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with a trailer-sized box strapped to a semi.

Passers-by get prompted to ask Alexa about the campaign and scan a code to usher them deeper into the program. All together, we think this is a great way to capitalize on the built-in energy that’s inherent to such a popular franchise.

AT&T Plants a Flag in Advertising

We’ve been closely monitoring the breaking news that AT&T has entered the digital ad space with its acquisition of AppNexus. With digital spend expected to approach $100 billion in 2018, it makes sense for AT&T to make a play to disrupt the Google/Facebook duopoly, but we’re interested to see how the specifics shake down when it comes to differentiating the markets.

Facebook Doubles Down on Influencer Marketing

With the launch of its Brand Collabs Manager, Facebook is putting its full weight behind the sort of influencer marketing that’s driving entire business models in the social 18-34 demos. The platform hopes the Manager will encourage brands to focus more on highly targeted, personality-driven campaigns, likely in a play to boost its own bona fides with young users who have started trickling away in recent years.

We think this is a particularly notable development for D2C brands who’re prepared to capitalize on new personality collab opportunities, a pillar of direct marketing in the digital age.

Is IGTV an Island Unto Itself?

Though only a week old, Instagram’s YouTube-baiting IGTV may already be running into audience issues thanks to its “equal but separate” placement within the app. Creator content released in the last few days isn’t getting the kind of traction you might expect, but we agree with this write-up that it’s too early to pass judgment. With influencer marketing on the rise, we doubt it’ll be long before audiences discover their favorite personalities on the platform and build a new landscape for marketing wins.

Good Code Starts at the Beginning

Over in the Programming team we’ve been putting a lot of thought into ensuring we’re building products that are inherently ready for the future. Scalability and flexibility are the banes of a growing business, and we’re all too familiar with software that was never intended to be improved as circumstances change. This piece about keeping CSS clean and maintainable is a great example of how important it is to ensure our code is ready to grow with a company from the very first line.