Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Jul 23, 2018

Finding Authenticity With Social Video

With the rollout of IGTV and Facebook’s Video Creation Kit, the Social team has spent a lot of time thinking about how we can ensure maximized results for our clients in the medium.

Every social network has its own social codes and informal community structures, and we know how important it is to navigate those paths effectively when building brand narratives. Accordingly, we enjoyed this Forbes write-up about delivering authentic content, especially when it comes to tailoring each video for individual platforms. That thought reminded us of the recent collab between Amazon’s Alexa and Stubb’s Barbecue Sauce, a pitch-perfect union between content, voice, and delivery vector.

Similar content tuning is likely to become even more important with Instagram’s announcement of its first ever full messaging feature, which seems likely to help the platform start building more cohesively defined consumer communities for us to cater to.

Influencing Authenticity

In our house discussions about finding authentic message deliveries, we’ve also kept circling back to influencers, who are collectively vital tools for brands seeking genuine audience connections. We think the news that Equinox and SoulCycle have just launched an influencer talent agency for the fitness sector is a great sign for this dynamic, and points to an exciting future for finding influence opportunities in new markets.

Baseball on the Brain

With some exciting client activity and a succession of heat waves in NYC, all our teams are embracing the season with full-on baseball fever!

We loved getting to revisit some classic stadium history with this New York Time’s review of recently restored color footage from Ted Williams’ last game. We’re also always monitoring sports-related beverage wins, so we give a big thumb’s up to this Corona shipping container pop-up that’ll keep fans quenched during Giants games in San Francisco.

Summer Tunes for Brands

With our own Deep Eddy Vodka and Larceny bourbon already out there making summer-time musical waves, the Accounts team appreciated these AdWeek write-ups about aligning beverage brands with concert and festival momentum.

We’re definitely fans of Marriott’s “Global Music Festival,” which will capitalize on that momentum to hop from West Hollywood to Barcelona, West Bali, and Dubai. But we’re even bigger fans of this genius Budweiser integration between real-world marketing and digital driving, as the brand has launched its “Tagwords” campaign to direct viewers towards exact search terms as an entry into the material. Though the gimmick is functionally similar to a simple QR Code, we love the innovation here that lends itself to bigger visual impacts and has allowed the company to easily spread the technique across several mediums, from street-side signage to bar-top coasters.