Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Aug 09, 2018

Instagram’s Meme Verticals

The Social team loved this exploration of the revenue-generation boom for meme accounts on Instagram. Though we disagree with the idea that memes are likely to become a more powerful marketing tool than influencer connections, we’re completely on board with the need to diversify engagement avenues through content categories that are already blazing with user loyalty.

Though they often fly under the radar of “the olds,” Generation Z and younger Millennials have been hardcore meme enthusiasts for years—to the point that many kids joke about fighting their meme addiction. Once you’re aware of their existence, it’s impossible to ignore memes’ ubiquity across the digital space, and you’d be hard pressed to find somebody who won’t recognize at least a few of the most popular memes from the last decade.

With millions of teens and young adults spending countless hours creating memes—and millions more subscribing to social feeds to keep up with the latest viral entries—we wholeheartedly agree that this is an audience worth chasing for youth-oriented brands.

Facebook Accelerates Journalism

When it comes to Facebook’s attempts to recover from its many election debacles around the world in 2015-16, most headlines have focused on algorithm revamps and other changes to the operational foundation of the News Feed. However, the Social team has been keeping an eye on efforts to improve the platform’s journalistic integrity that have flown under the radar, especially the Facebook Journalism Project.

All signs point to the program being a solid success, so we were happy to see that the company has launched an expansion with $3.5 million newly dedicated to the Facebook Membership Accelerator and 2018 NewsMatch campaigns.

With workshops, one-on-one consultations, and direct grant disbursements, the platform is trying to become an incubator and cheerleader for high-quality local and independent journalism. We think this is great news for any brand getting traction out of local and regional marketing—and any national brand whose messaging aligns with truth- and integrity-oriented independent journalism.

We’re excited to see how this plays out over the coming election cycles around the world, and will keep monitoring developments to see how the platform’s marketing landscape adjusts in response.

The Out-of-Home Renaissance

After so many years focused on reaching consumers through their individual devices, the more generalized out-of-home marketing segment has seen a resurgence recently, especially in digital sectors.

The Creative team pulled a lot of food-for-thought out of this CHIVE TV interview, especially when it comes to outdoor, sports, and beverage-oriented campaigns. Though we question the conclusion that out-of-home digital is the only significant growth category right now, we agree that it’s a crucial avenue for brands that get traction out of communal and events marketing.

Beverages Go Beautiful

And finally, the Accounts team is always on the hunt for attention-worthy beverage marketing, so we’ve been loving the news about Smirnoff’s newly released bottles with locally-inspired designs. We think the intensely detailed photo-realism of the graphics combined with the iconic Smirnoff block type is sure to stand out on the shelves.

Bulleit Bourbon has also launched a new bottle collection designed by some of the best tattoo artists in the business, and we’re blown away by the gorgeous results. Bottles like these beg to be displayed, and we’re sure they’ll be getting plenty of love from the brand’s audience as a result.