Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Jul 31, 2018

Influencers Diversify

In internet years, social marketing has begun to reach middle age, so it’s been interesting to see how the oldest big name influencers are reacting as they graduate into the next stage of their careers. For many, diversification is the name of the game—often with branded “real world” product lines like The Fat Jewish’s new canned wine.

Still, we’re quite sure he missed the mark when pronouncing the death of influencer marketing. While TFJ may be convinced that the influencer paradigm has been killed by its own success, our consensus is that he’s simply aged out of his original demo.

In reality, the Social team’s eyes are on Generation Z’s end of the scale, where micro-targeted influencer personalities comprise an entire universe of intense engagement, to the point that “celebrity” means something completely different if you’re 20 instead of 40. If anything, our Accounts team thinks the expansion and fragmentation of the influencer universe among young adults provides more opportunity for brands, not less.

Still, TFJ isn’t the only brand finding new value in different markets, as the influencer's wine brands have some new competition from Elliiot Tebele, aka FuckJerry - Instagram’s powerhouse meme master.

The social media humor empire is now leveraging its 50 million followers to expand into new product areas, starting with the launch of JAJA Tequila, a perfect match for the brand’s free-spirited sensibilities.

Is Snapchat Over?

Pre-emptive funerals have been a theme this week, but predictions of Snapchat’s demise may be more realistic than other sky-is-falling headlines.

There’s no doubt that Snapchat is struggling, in part because so many of its features have been “adopted” by Facebook and Instagram. Still, much like influencer marketing, the Social team has been most interested in the youngest half of the demographic, where Snapchat continues to provide serious value for retail brands that are well-positioned to take advantage.

The Homerun Demo

With the summer season in full-swing, our office has been knee-deep in baseball fever for a while, so we loved this reminder that it remains one of the most powerful advertising sectors in the country. With nearly half of American adults having watched a Major League game recently, and nearly 30 percent saying they’re interested in the sport, it remains a tried-and-true venue for marketing wins. We’re especially keen on the stats about extracted media value, particularly the nearly $40 million windfall going towards beverages and beer.

GoPro Re-Targets With Influencers

And finally, the Social team enjoyed this reminder from GoPro that there are still countless methods to maximize influencer value. With the camera brand looking for ways to stretch outside its sports-heavy image and expand into new lifestyle markets, influencers have turned into one of its most important tools for reaching new audiences.

We’re big fans of the commitment to developing genuinely collaborative relationships with influencer personalities, and think it’s a method that points the way for any brand struggling to establish a footprint within a new market space.