Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Aug 13, 2018

Facebook Upgrades Video Monitoring

Video advertising on Facebook remains one of the most important delivery vectors for many digital campaigns, so we were thrilled to see that the company has taken marketer feedback into consideration for its latest round of ad tool updates.

The general objective seems to be improving our ability to accurately monitor impression activity, starting with a shift in the 3- and 10-second view metrics. After the change, those numbers will no longer reflect repeated seconds (when a viewer rewinds the video during an ad), so there’ll be less inadvertent fluffing of total viewed times.

The platform also removed a number of redundant or irrelevant metrics, and we’ll take a close review of the suggested replacements to ensure we’re still getting the best data out of our campaigns.

However, the Social team was most interested in the new Video Plays metric, which only records viewers who watched an ad while the clip was playing. Since around 30 percent of impressions in the past were logged for users viewing paused or un-played videos, we think this is an important step. Crucially, we’re reminded that paused video ads still deliver plenty of value, so we look forward to ensuring every pixel of our media is grabbing attention, from thumbnail to end card and everything in between.

Influencers Rock the Fashion Vote

The Accounts team has enjoyed reading about H&M offshoot /Nyden’s success in brainstorming design ideas through one of the oldest past-times on the internet: user opinion polling.

We especially love the influencer angle, which solved one of the biggest downsides to online polls—inconsistent or anemic polling samples—by tapping into the raging enthusiasm that keeps influencer communities alive. With more than 35,000 responses across seven different influencer communities, the polling campaign blows away the sampling size of even most mainstream political polls!

We think this was a brilliant way for the brand to capture value out of an often valueless online activity. Not only have they guaranteed satisfaction with the resulting design choices, they’ve pre-baked consumer response and tied it into a fan’s love for their favorite social celebrities, building wins from every angle.

Yeti Hits the Tundra

We love a good events-driven campaign, so we’ve been very impressed by how well-crafted Yeti’s upcoming cross-country Tundra Tour seems to be. The ice cooler brand has built a pitch-perfect landing page for the Tour with its emphasis on family-friendly, rugged outdoor fun. From font to color selection and design, the message is clear: we’re about to get wild in the wild, come join!

UX Fundamentals for Ecommerce

And finally, the Programming team is always looking for ways to apply the most fundamental design best practices, so we really enjoyed the Nielsen Norman Group’s latest reporting on the best setups for digital storefronts.

At heart the core conclusions haven’t changed over the years: keep it simple, keep it consistent, and keep visitors driving toward the objective. Still, it can be difficult for brands to maintain simplicity in such a constantly changing market sector, so we’re excited to take a deeper dive into the full report’s numbers and see how we can build the most results-driven sites for our clients.