Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Jun 15, 2018

Lemonade Justice and Pizza Pavement

Finding the perfect intersection between life events and messaging is always the dream, so the strategy department has been admiring some top-notch cause marketing this week.

In a double whammy for bureaucratic injustice, Country Time has stepped up to defend budding entrepreneurs with a (no joke) $60k legal defense fund for kiddie lemonade stands shut down by local licensing issues. With summer about to hit full swing, we’re guessing they’ll be capitalizing on plenty of righteous social media traction over the next few months.

Meanwhile, Dominos has hit the pavement for some truly grassroots marketing, as towns around the country are watching work crews in pizza logos tackle pothole repair on their local streets. Branded as a way to protect valuable pizzas from hard knocks during delivery, the initiative also lets customers nominate their own towns for future repairs (and high-impact brand exposure).

Traveling for the ‘Gram

We’ve also been watching the latest wave of “better days” nostalgia as some start to worry that the “Instagram imperative” is overwhelming traditional vacations. While we empathize with social influencers who can’t help feeling like they’re always on the clock, we see plenty of openings when it comes to the average vacationer.

Instagram treasure hunting is a great way to get somebody in the door to your stunning venue, but this may just be a cry for more high-touch marriages between marketing and location, so guests feel like they’ve truly connected with an experience.

Facebook Memories

In the social sphere, we’re interested to see what traction Facebook gets from its new “Memories” feature, an expanded addition to the existing “On This Day” recap that encourages users to reminisce. As the platform works to redirect people toward “high value” social activities, we’ll be keeping an eye out for new opportunities to deliver compelling brand stories on a personal level.

Snapchat E-Commerce

Good news for sales teams as Snapchat expands its e-commerce initiative with swipe-up buying directly from the app. With a solid response from their recent SeatGeek partnership, the app is now set to expand its testing for sales features in the Snap Ads and Story Ads functions. We’re monitoring developments closely to see what new funnel opportunities might be opened up for social campaigns.

Keeping the UX Instincts Sharp

Over in programming we’re always engaged with UX design, so we enjoyed reading about the benefits of doing redesigns to “drill” your skills and keep them up to speed. We also see a lot of value for designers in reviewing existing designs to identify shortcomings and areas for improvement, and this write-up from a Milanese local about a local bike sharing app was a great way to get those trains of thought going this week. Speculative

Iconic Designs

And finally, XenoPsi sends its own shout-out to Susan Kare, who was recently awarded the AIGA medal for design after a truly epic career that included some of the most iconic icons the world has ever seen.

Susan’s work on the first fully realized suite of Apple GUI icons was legitimately groundbreaking, and we know we’re not the only ones who started down our own technological and design paths hand-in-hand with her happy computer face, ticking wristwatch, and instantly recognizable trash can.

Here’s to you, Susan.