Stirring up Social Media Week with Cinemagraphs

Posted on Feb 25, 2016

XenoPsi hosted a spirited discussion on cinemagraphs at this year's Social Media Week. We kicked off the night with specialty cocktails and hors d’oeuvres curated by Jackie Dodd from The Beeroness. And just across the room our team of designers stirred up custom cinemagraph portraits for the first ten attendees.

Later, our panel of experts talked tips and trends of the emerging medium. Samantha Felix, Social Media Managing Editor at Thrillist, Jackie Dodd, Food Writer and Photographer, Shaun Samson, Creative Director at XenoPsi, and MichaelAaron Flicker, President and Founder of XenoPsi all weighed in.

For the panelists, it’s all about standing out. "If you continue to post the same content you're going to be outpaced," said Dodd. The same holds true for brands.

“The test we use is, ‘Will this stop the scroll?’ Did we do the job of being remembered?” - Shaun Samson, XenoPsi Creative Director

According to Flicker, cinemagraphs pass the test beautifully. “They pull you in. It's more refined than a GIF,” he said.

What’s on the horizon? Samson predicts Facebook’s 360 video will be the next scroll stopper. Felix wants to “watch it obsessively.” And so do we.

See more custom cinemagraphs from the event on our Instagram @xenopsi.