What the Team Is Reading This Week

culture Posted on Jun 08, 2018

Targeting and Metric Shifts in Media

In the media department we’ve been monitoring developments as the targeting landscape continues to evolve in TV and podcasting.

With some pushback from the networks it’s likely we’ll be leaning on third party resources to improve TV targeting, but there are already some exciting possibilities on the horizon.

Meanwhile, the ‘casting universe continues its shift toward a podcast measurement standard, and we’re very interested to see how the industry resolves the need for better metrics without obliterating its current audience ratings.

The Email Resurrection

We’re always on the lookout for ways to maximize strategy results through delivery methods, so we’re intrigued by indicators that email is still a powerful media tool.

With the worst days of the email spam-ocalypse behind us—and more brands using personalized publishing to connect with audiences—we’re keeping an eager eye on this newly reopened engagement avenue.

Using Connection to Bust Creative Blocks

Over in the creative department we’ve been talking about ways to find inspiration and overcome creative hurdles. We’re particularly impressed by Axe’s latest shower campaign and how it capitalizes on grassroots momentum via “shower thoughts” memes to meld its existing brand voice.

Is Instagram the New TV?

With breaking news that Instagram is about to allow creators to post hour-long videos, the social department is excited about these delivery channels merging—and what that means for getting the most impact out of our content. Since publishers have already been taking steps to turn Instagram into an episodic video platform, we see a new world of possibilities for marketing wins.

Facebook Improves 3D Ad Tools

The programming department has been exploring some of the new possibilities for 3D advertising since Facebook announced its support for the glTF 2.0 file format. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Jameson used simple focal techniques to produce this eye-popping ad, but we’re eager to discover new ways to produce surprising ad experiences.

Machine Learning in the Facebook Feed

We’re also keeping an eye on Facebook’s continued efforts to improve its feed after the turmoil of the last election cycle. For now, we’re most interested in the machine learning techniques they plan to use for screening the feed, but we’ll continue monitoring all developments to help us craft the best content for the platform.

AR and the Future of Advertising

And finally, a blast from the start of the year to remind us that AR is the future and a powerful avenue for telling stories and helping brands make an impact.