Why Direct Buying Is Still an Integral Part of Advertising

media Posted on Jun 06, 2015

Everyday the way to reach new audiences continues to move towards a programmatic state. It’s a process that has allowed advertising to become more efficient and accessible. But as advertisers become more accustomed to the programmatic buying process, they must also remember the importance of direct buying.

Direct buying through media partners offers custom content and high impact ad units that simply cannot be created via programmatic buying. And each media partner’s website provides a unique landscape for brands to push their message out to the masses. But the most important reason direct buying is still important?


This is the one aspect that is completely lost with programmatic buying. The B2B setting between a media partner and the brand team will always supersede the programmatic relationship. And this is why:

  • Rates can be negotiated manually thus making efficiency a priority
  • Placements within a media plan can be targetable to specific content within a website
  • Advertisements can be guaranteed to be within the users view ability
  • Smaller budgets can be discussed and are not troubled by monthly minimums

Direct buying, tangible buying, is still the heartbeat of a campaign. Without it, a brand’s message is lost within the confines of a technologic algorithm.