XenoPsi Drafted A Report On Beer. The Industry Noticed.

strategy Posted on May 20, 2016

When beer goes mobile, Beer Business Daily, Beverage Dynamics and Brewbound know to go to XenoPsi. All three industry heavyweights recently pored over our latest study, “At-Shelf Decision Making in the Beer Industry.” Get all the hoppy details from our nationwide consumer report in their articles or download the report here.

All three publications mentioned that reading about new beverages online is quickly catching up in importance to traditional buying factors. XenoPsi found that searching online for a new brew has doubled in significance, sliding into the top five factors affecting beer purchases.

So what does online search mean for shoppers in-store? Mobile. Our report confirmed that 49% of beer purchasers tap smartphones during their in-store shopping experience. Not only that, but smartphone usage in stores leads beer buyers to more trial and increased purchase. Want the full pack of insights?

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