Returning to Our Roots

culture Posted on Oct 05, 2015

The name XenoPsi has its roots in Greek. While Xeno is a prefix that typically means to be outsider or alien, an alternate meaning roughly translates to “the wonderment or discovery of.” Psi is a suffix that translates to “the unknown.” Together they form XenoPsi- the wonderment of the unknown.

It’s a message that’s carried through to the creation of the XenoPsi logo as well. The three blue circles of our logo icon represent the existing brand plans and strategies, while the fourth, connected to the center, represents XenoPsi pulling something new out of the information, and discovering new insights.

XenoPsi’s capabilities range from creative to media to digital development. Our strength is our ability to discover new information, to analyze that information, and make that information relevant for our clients. XenoPsi discovers the unknown and then puts it into practice.