Our Next Level Summer Team Meeting

Our Next Level Summer Team Meeting

June 23, 2016

Remember summer camp? Things were hot. But it’s ok because you learned how to make lanyards and bonded with your capture the flag teammates. That’s kind of what XenoPsi’s annual summer team meeting is like. Except instead of lanyards it’s chatbots and instead of capture the flag it’s outdoor laser tag. Oh, there may be more Happy Hours too.

It starts the first week of June when our distributed team flies in from all over the world to work hard / play hard in our offices in New York City. The week is full of knowledge sharing, not-at-all uncomfortable icebreakers and team outings. This year’s outing? Laser tag in the middle of New Jersey’s woods.

We started the day like most agencies don’t: on a bus heading for the forest. After lathering on the bug spray, we geared up (literally) for three rounds of intense team building, strategizing, and lots of sweating. During the day we practiced our XenoPsi’s core values of collaboration, communication, ingenuity, passion and respect. Then we celebrated our accomplishments and amazing team at the Laurita Winery.

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