Tried and True in Red, White and Blue

Tried and True in Red, White and Blue

August 29, 2016

This summer we’ve seen an uptick in brands giving their packaging a patriotic makeover. With Fourth of July and the Copa Games setting the stage for the Olympic games, there’s been an influx of red, white and blue on packages all across the country. But how does this packaging play impact a brand?

Patriotic messaging is a tried and true technique that can be very successful if done correctly. When it comes to changing up classic packaging, authenticity is key. In other words, this tactic works well when it authentically connects consumers to a core brand attribute.

Specifically, brands that tap into consumers’ patriotic emotions do so by connecting core American values with the values of their brand — things like craftsmanship, freedom, and honesty. Brands that establish this emotional connection see better results. In fact, XenoPsi found that consumers are approximately six times more likely to believe and behave positively toward a brand when an emotional connection is at play.

Product choice is just another way for consumers to show off their identity. People want to be proud of the products they purchase and they’re willing to pay a premium for them if they carry close ties to who they are and what they stand for. The flip side? If a brand doesn’t authentically embody the identity they’re promoting, consumers will pick up on it.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the brands that are taking advantage of this trend.

Budweiser: Big names like Budweiser and Coke are already capitalizing on major seasonal events this summer and fall including the Olympics, Fourth of July, and the Copa America soccer tournament taking place in the U.S. Both brands are official sponsors of the Olympics and the Copa America soccer tournament. Taking a page from the Wheaties boxes of the past, Budweiser has also announced that a number of U.S. Olympic athletes are slated to appear in new ads this summer.

Chobani: In addition to an integrated advertising campaign, the popular yogurt brand has also reimagined their packaging to reflect their support for the U.S. Olympics team. Under each lid, consumers will find an inspiring quote from some of the U.S. athletes competing in this summer’s games.


Evan Williams: At XenoPsi, we recently partnered with Evan Williams Bourbon to highlight brand values that authentically tie to America’s patriotism — things like freedom, independence and humility. In addition to creating a custom bottle featuring the heroic stories of 10 military veterans, the brand built a platform for service members to tell their stories and for those affected across the world to give thanks to America’s service members.

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