Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Sep 17, 2018

YouTube Goes Vertical

The Social team has been closely following the vertical ads trend as it spreads throughout the marketing landscape—most recently in the YouTube app.

Though it seems like a relatively small change, we know from the format’s performance within Instagram and Snapchat that it can be a sneakily powerful boost in the right use cases. In its own trial run—in partnership with Hyundai—YouTube says combining vertical deliveries with traditional horizontal ads led to a 33 percent boost in brand awareness, along with a 12 percent jump in purchase consideration.

With numbers like that, you can bet we’ll be working to ensure vertical considerations are included in our own brainstorms.

Countdown to Facebook Stories Ads

Though the platform has been coy in the press about its in-house performance expectations, there’s still plenty of hype for Facebook’s rollout of ads in its Stories feature, and the Social team has been eagerly awaiting the launch.

We agree with assessments that the new position alone is likely to lead to a honeymoon performance boost from consumers unused to seeing ads in their Stories, but it’s the fact that there are 150 million of them viewing Stories regularly that’s got our real attention. We’ll be closely monitoring the company’s performance reporting in the coming weeks, and look forward to finding ways to capitalize on this new vector for reaching audiences.

Apple, the Non-Tweeting Twitter Masters

The Media team has been watching with admiration as Apple continues to walk its social media tightrope. After notoriously having refused to even open official accounts on competitors’ platforms for most of the decade, the tech giant still hasn’t posted a single public tweet in the two years since @apple officially joined Twitter. Instead, it uses the platform exclusively as an ad delivery tool—and all signs point to a dramatic spend escalation for the iPhone XS launch. With a promoted trend, a customized “like” push, and dozens of promoted tweets, there’s no doubt the company dropped some serious cash on the platform over the last week.

We think this is a great reminder about how important the tactics of a spend campaign really are—in the right hands, smart spending doesn’t even require an actual platform brand presence to have a major impact!

Concert Goers Embrace Brands

Though we’ve always loved a good intersection between marketing and events, we’re still blown away by the latest study that revealed how much the attendants themselves appreciate good brand integration for music events.

With 60-70 percent of surveyed concert goers saying they’re more likely to connect with a brand, make a purchase, and feel connected to that purchase when it’s associate with a music event campaign, the conclusion is pretty cut and dry. We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes out for every opportunity to integrate with live music events going forward.

Agile Development

And finally, the Programming team has been brushing up on the benefits of Agile Development in the modern marketplace. We’re always looking for ways to optimize output for our clients, and loved this Plan.io write-up reviewing all the key components of an Agile Development cycle.

Though it’s not a one-size-fits-all work regime by any means, we’ve seen firsthand the magic it can inspire in the right scenarios, and look forward to watching how it (and other development strategies) evolve over the coming year.