Our Take: This Week in the News

culture Posted on Jun 22, 2018

Is the D2C Facebook Ad Market at Capacity?

We’ve known the bidding wars for Facebook’s direct market segments were getting intense, and the most recent reports show things have hit critical mass this spring. Like many others in the space, we are experimenting in lower cost Instagram and Snapchat units until Facebook cools down – or introduces additional units to mitigate rising costs.

Brands Hit the Soccer Pitch

Every marketer loves a good sports moment, and the World Cup presents some unique opportunities to meld international messaging angles with domestic audiences. We’ve been especially loving the TV spots from this year’s Cup, particularly Budweiser’s party-hunting delivery drones. It’s hard to make an impact in such a saturated advertising space, but cute characters and a perfect marriage between brand and event is a great tactic.

Corona Makes Waves

We’re big fans of effective cause marketing, especially when it finds such a good match between brand and real-world inspiration. In this case, Corona used plastic waste collected from the local environment to build a genuinely stunning seaside ad/sculpture hybrid, and we’re impressed by how effectively it targets eco-conscious, beach-loving consumers. With swarms of phone-toting (and good-cause-boosting) millennials about to hit the sand for the summer, we’re sure Corona will be getting plenty of grassroots social traction out of this effort.

Instagram: Not Paint by Numbers

We know it’s frustrating when you’re “doing everything right” and still not getting traction on your social accounts, so we appreciated this write-up examining audience struggles on Instagram.

We’ve certainly known our share of brands that followed all the checklists to a “T” and still had lackluster results, so it’s good to remember how much expertise-driven analysis has to happen to ensure you’re delivering the message in the right place and to the right people. In this case, that means ensuring we’re differentiated within each brand’s specific category, because that local competition is what drives our results on bigger stages.

Instagram Doubles Down on Video

Following up with our previous eyes-on Instagram’s bid to become TV for a new generation, we were excited by breaking news this week that the platform is about to introduce IGTV, a creator-driven portal for long-form Instagram video. We’ll be diving into this new functionality over the coming weeks to explore its potential for branding opportunities, but expect YouTube to be taking a hard look at its ad buy fundamentals now that it faces its first real competition in years.

Systems Flexibility With AWS

In the aftermath of the GDPR systems panic, we’ve been enjoying this Amazon Web Services white paper about the “Infrastructure as Code” process that shifts systems management from a hardware-dependent perspective to a more flexible, software-based alternative. GDPR has served as a great reminder that if you’re not building future scalability and adaptive capabilities into your systems from the ground up, you’ll probably pay the price before long!